Foreign Recruitment

We provide a one-stop comprehensive service in recruiting professionals, engineers, technicians and skilled workers for MNCs, Small and Medium Enterprises, government agencies and institutions.


Outsourcing entered the business enterprise and government sector in Singapore during the 1990's and is fast being accepted as a mainstream business practice.

Training & Development

The Training & Development Division is dedicated to providing the highest quality, innovative training for a wide spectrum of courses.

Relocation Services

This service is available where a client wishes to hire foreign talent and to provide expatriate community a much-needed service of relocating to Singapore.

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  • Thank you very much for all the care and concern. After three years of studies, now I got my Diploma cert. I hope that I will have a good future and everything will go well.  Thank you.
    ANS Scholar 2012
  • 我很开心 ANS Scholarship 给我这个机会来新加坡读书。虽然读护士课程并不简单,可是我还是完成了我的学业。所以我很开心及感谢 ANS Scholarship 给我这机会。谢谢!
    ANS Graduate 2012

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The TOP choice of Local Placement Agency

Since 1991, we have brought in thousands of foreign skilled workers, teachers, health care providers, graduates from recognized universities in the

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